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Miguel Galán

Care for you dream

Part 1: Criteria for choosing your cars


Swissvax: Miguel, first of all thank you for giving us this personal interview of "Care for your Drem". Since when and why did you start taking care of your vehicles?

Miguel: Since I was very young I liked to wash the cars of the family and not only for the fact of having them clean but also for the process of washing the car; it was something I liked to do and, by the way, it freed me from doing other chores at home. That's how I spent many years and washed many cars.

However, when I bought my first car in 2004 I stopped just "washing" and started "caring". The first car I bought with my money was a Rover 75 Club in Royal Blue color and beige leather upholstery. It was then when I started to worry about removing the swirls, keeping the leather clean and nourished, protecting the bodywork from the weather...

Over the years I have been increasing the level of protection of my cars at the same level that the manufacturers of detailing products have been evolving and expanding their offerings.

Swissvax: Why did you decide to have a BMW GT 328 and an Audi A1?


The purchase of the BMW 328i GT was fairly quick because I was clear about what I was looking for in a car that I would use only for long trips, mainly on highways and/or freeways. First of all, I wanted a comfortable and spacious car both in the front and rear seats as well as a trunk that was spacious, modular and, above all, easy to handle but not an "SUV". On the other hand, I was looking for a vehicle with an elastic engine that responded well from low revs and that had long gear ratios. With these premises, my intention was to acquire a BMW 5 F11 Touring.

However, already at the dealership, I looked at the BMW F34 and I liked both the large tailgate and the interior space offered by its taller and longer body than the BMW 3 F30.

Regarding the mechanical block, I didn't have many doubts either. I was not looking for a vehicle with high power but one with which to travel quietly. In this sense, having an engine that delivers all its torque at only 1,250 revolutions per minute and has a final development of 59.1 km / h in eighth gear is a guarantee of calmness on the road. This does not mean that, despite its size, it is not a car with which I can also have fun on two-way roads.

The purchase of the Audi A1 30 TFSI was a bit different. I was actually waiting for the second generation of the Peugeot 208 to go on the market; I already knew which model I wanted and with which optional equipment. However, the vehicle I used on a daily basis required a major repair and I decided to change it.

I needed a small vehicle, again not an "SUV", with automatic transmission, a power level of around 100 hp and, above all, stable at high speed, as I drive many kilometers a day in an urban environment as well as on the freeway for my job. So many requirements in this segment made the search difficult because most of the cars that met my requirements had very inelastic engines, with very low torque figures (uncomfortable in the city) and short gear ratios (annoying on the freeway).

Finally, I needed a car that, while meeting my expectations in terms of equipment, was available for immediate delivery. With this, I went to see the Audi A1 at the dealership, meditated and the next day I bought it.

Swissvax:What different difficulties do you find from one car to the other at the time of maintenance?


Due to the very different use I give to my cars, there is a big difference when it comes to maintenance. While the BMW needs dusting from time to time, the Audi requires a bit more attention that includes pressure washing and weekly vacuuming.

Washing frequency aside, the big difference between one car and the other lies in the Audi's complicated bumper design and two-tone bodywork. As I have humorously commented with several friends, the person who has designed the Audi A1 bumpers has never washed or waxed a car in his life!!!! Both cars have painted bumpers, with plastic inserts, chrome and "Piano Black" finish. However, the complicated design of these moldings on the Audi A1 makes both the previous masking and removal tasks complicated and laborious. Regarding the BMW 328i GT I detest cleaning the inside of the panoramic roof and rear window due to the large size of the glass.

Part 2: What does "Care for your Dream" mean to you?

Miguel: Care for your Dream means "Care for your life" to me. I don't dream about taking care of my car; I do it.

As I said before, having my car clean and shiny enough to stand out in traffic or to have strangers recognize it and ask for advice is the end result of a process that I enjoy, entertains me and allows me to disconnect from day-to-day problems. In fact, it is normal for me to spend the week planning the care I will give my "kids" when the weekend comes.

It is easy for me to divide the car into "thematic zones" and think about what to do. If one week it's leather, a few days before I prepare the bag with the products, applicators and towels I'm going to need. If it touches plastics I do the same. If it touches windows, then sometimes I do not do it, although in the end I end up doing it because one of the things I hate the most in a vehicle are dirty windows on the inside.

Care for your Dream, for me, is to have a manufacturer of top quality products and with a wide range that covers all surfaces and all materials of my cars. I also consider it essential that they are distributed by a serious company, capable of recognizing my needs and satisfying my doubts regarding the use and application of their products. I will never use a bad product to take care of my cars, but neither will I use a product that has not been properly explained to me on how to use it, no matter how good the reviews are. Logically, I will also not pay much attention to the explanations of someone who does not give me enough confidence.

Keeping the car clean and cared for is something that many people consider a waste of time, so Care for your Dream also includes the pleasure I get from the recognition of a job well done by friends or sometimes strangers.

Swissvax: How did you find Swissvax and why did you start using our products?

Miguel: I have known the Swissvax brand for about fifteen years. It was in the Swiss town of Carouge that I saw a small body shop using Swissvax products to wax an old car. That same day, already in Geneva, looking for the store of the most iconic brand of Swiss Army Knives in a well-known shopping street in the Rond-Point-de-Rive area, I saw a classic car event sponsored by Swissvax. At this point, my curiosity and Google did the rest, although I admit it took me a few months to buy my first Swissvax product.

Swissvax: Any particular favorite product that you love?

Miguel: To be honest I can't say that I have a favorite Swissvax product or that I like more than another; I use each product according to the purpose for which it has been manufactured and the results have always been satisfactory and not only in their well-known range of natural carnauba waxes. I really like the Swissvax Protecton plastic conditioner for dashboard and interior door panels and the Micro Glass Duo Set of microfiber towels for exterior window cleaning makes easy a job that I have always considered tedious.

However, I must admit that there is one Swissvax product that has impressed me in a way that no other product has for a long time: the Glacier wax. This specific wax for white cars has a self-cleaning capacity superior to any other wax or sealant I have ever used.

Swissvax: Finally, would you like to say something to Detailing addicts?

Miguel: The first thing I would say to anyone interested in the subject is that I don't feel more "geeky" or weirder than anyone else for liking to wash the car, for enjoying talking about it or for commenting on my experiences. Much less for boasting about the results obtained, especially when they are spectacular. I admit that at the beginning I felt annoyed with certain comments that tended to judge my way of "wasting time" but there comes a moment in which I learned to ignore everything.

When I am washing the car I am clear that I do not bother anyone, I do not even take the car out of its place so that no neighbor has reason to complain and, not to bother, I do not even play music. That said, if I feel like spending an afternoon in the parking lot with my "magic box" and my "children" I don't see why I am going to deprive myself of doing it.

Now that I have made it clear that, if we want to do it, we can do it, a second piece of advice I would give is to be very careful with YouTube, where everything seems very easy. Regarding this, I return to what I said before and I can only advise to go to professionals, whether specialized stores or detailing centers, and not be afraid to ask anything; it is normal to have doubts and fear of ruining our cars. A good professional will advise us how to start taking care of our cars, what products to use and, as time goes by, how to improve the results obtained.

Once we already have the desire to take care of the car and the right advice, the next step is to think about which "thematic area" we want to start with and acquire the right products, with the corresponding applicators and microfiber towels. The most common is to start with the polishing and protection of the bodywork and it is fair to recognize that it is almost impossible that the result is good the first time we do it; at least, that has been my experience.

My advice in this regard is that until we get good results in the "theme area" we have started with, we should not rush to move on to a second "theme area". I know that sometimes, especially when the results exceed our expectations, it can even be addictive, but there is no hurry and, after all, we will learn the most from our own experience.

And finally, never leave a detailing product with anyone unless you are absolutely sure that it will come back to you. You also learn this over the years...

SWISSVAX MEDITERRANEAN - We thank you for your words and wish you all the best and hope you will continue to be part of the Swissvax family - we care for your dream!

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