- CLEANER FLUID REGULAR Hand polish without abrasives  - 1

CLEANER FLUID REGULAR Hand polish without abrasives

  • The essential paint pretreatment before every SWISSVAX wax application
  • Removes light scratches, tar, tree sap, old wax and other chemical surface contaminants. Visibly cleans and "nourishes" the paint - in one quid & easy step
  • Prepares the paint surface to optimally bond with the wax – for best long-lasting results
  • For brand new, newly painted and used paintwork
  • 100 ml

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Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular has to be applied before the first wax application. It is neither a polish nor a wax. It will visibly nourish and refresh the paintwork and does not contain abrasives. Therefore Cleaner Fluid Regular will never degrade the paint layer, unlike conventional polishes which contain abrasive particles that will eat away at the healty paint layter – application after application.

Cleaner Fluid Regular may be comfortably applied using a SWISSVAX Hand Puck regular (anthracite) or a Textile Applicator pad (white) with light pressure and then buffed off with a Micro-Fluffy Towel.

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