CLEANER FLUID MEDIUM Hand polish against micro-scratches

  • A slightly abrasive hand polish with micro granules
  • Removes micro-scratches, fine to medium scratches, overspray and slightly matt areas in the paintwork
  • A subsequent treatment with Cleaner Fluid Regular is recommended for an optimal paint finish and the best possible bonding with the wax.
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Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a light abrasive pre-wax treatment which is used on lightly weathered paint and paint with light to medium signs of “aging”. It removes overspray, heavy oxidation, acid bird droppings and scratches and provides a smooth and perfect surface as a basis for the wax application.

Cleaner Fluid Medium is applied evenly on the affected areas of the paintwork using a Swissvax Hand Puck regular (anthracite) and is worked in doing longitudinal strokes under medium pressure.

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