Swissvax Mechanic Paint Repair is a highly effective grinding compound which easily removes heavy scratches, overspray, paint runners, heavy oxidation or paintwork cauterizations (i.e. caused by bird-droppings).

In contrary to conventional cutting compounds, the Swissvax Mechanic Paint Repair is based on so called micro granules which are much safer to use as they ensure that the clear coat is not abraded (chafe is like more in correlation with skin..)  when used correctly.

Mechanic Paint Repair is the strongest abrasive medium in the product portfolio of Swissvax and we therefore recommend it only for the targeted and isolated treatment of the affected areas.

MECHANIC PAINT REPAIR Grinding paste for application by hand

  • Highly efficient grinding paste for paint surface repairs
  • Mechanically removes coarse scratches, overspray and paint noses, extremely strong oxidations or marks from bird droppings, tree sap, etc.
  • Only work over a small area at the time.
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