OPAQUE (40% Vol.) Carnauba wax for matt paint

  • Matt is “ untouchable beauty” – and should remain so
  • Protects your matt paint from fingerprints, dirt, water stains and insect residues
  • The matt effect of the paintwork or film wrap is fully retained and revitalized
Opaque paintwork and foils
Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matt paintwork and will most likely cause damage. Please only use products which were specifically developed for matt paintwork like the Swissvax “Opaque” product line which will not damage nor ater the matt finish.

Swissvax Opaque wax is a premium wax for all satin/matt paintwork types (including foils). Thanks to its unique formulation with 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba wax it offers your automobile’s satin/matt paintwork effective long term protection against all kinds of contaminations, such as bug residues, tar, tree resins and even fingerprints.
For a perfect wax result, the satin/matt paintwork must be pre-treated with our Pre-Cleaner Opaque .

For a perfect final result the paintwork should be pretreated with Cleaner Fluid Regular.

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